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The only way you can effectively meet the busy challenges of your business is with tools that enable you to work smarter, faster, and at a higher level of productivity. Let Citron Consulting help you.

1. Experienced

We are an Australian company with experienced and professional consultants across human resources, organizational and strategy development, executive coaching, business improvement, facilitation and training. We are committed to helping you create a motivated and engaged workforce.

2. Strategic

Citron Consulting is focused on the development of effective strategic initiatives that bring about a desired future through achievement of a goal or solution. We are highly respected in the field of Workforce Planning and have worked across both private and government business to embed workforce planning analytics and solutions.

3. Align Business

The bottom line is you need to achieve results. It doesn’t matter how your organization is structured, what management approach your organization takes, the type of products or services your organization provides, or the nature of your industry. What matters is accomplishing the strategy. We are experts in identifying the inefficiencies and opportunities in businesses and your workforce, so you can achieve great results.

4. Build Innovation

Business innovation is about creating and successfully applying new ideas such as creating and bringing a new product or service to market, or a series of smaller innovations to find better or more efficient ways of working building profit. We can assist you to develop and deliver results and a culture of innovation, to ensure your business’s long-term success and profitability.

5. Save time

What constitutes the business and work force of today and tomorrow? That business environment is dynamic and the work force is smart, knowledgeable, mobile, independent, and goal oriented. Business owners have very limited time to spend on these important issues. Use your time effectively by utilising the technology, skills and expertise that Citron Consulting can bring to enhance your business so you can focus on building profit.

6. Access Technology

Citron Consulting has access to a wide range of award winning software solutions that can be provided to businesses with consultancy services.

7. Partner

We are a partner with Employment Hero, MAUS Business Systems and Accredited Practitioner in Motivational Maps. In addition, we have also formed professional partnerships with a range of professional organisations to can all upon to assist clients such as accountants, financial planners, insurance brokers, lawyers, website builders and social media consultants.

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Simone is one of those rare HR specialists, who is able to balance day to day HR matters with big picture thinking. She is very strategic and has the ability to develop and implement strategy and address business needs based in frameworks but also in a creative way. She is very well read, has a good grasp on current HR theory and provides advice with personal integrity and self-confidence."

-- Ute Diversi, Organisational Change Manager, Department of Social Services


"I worked with Simone for a period in CSIRO and found her to be a thoroughly professional, hardworking and helpful HR professional, who was always keen to get things done and applied intelligent ideas to any HR problem."

-- Lyn Wojtaszak, Advisor, Remuneration Tribunal Secretariat, Australian Public Service Commission



“ I would recommend Simone as someone who takes time to consider the needs of her clients, and who goes above and beyond to deliver a tailored service to meet those needs. At all times she has been easy to work with and highly professional. I now consider her to be part of my team.”

-- Necia Fisher, Innovation Leader, Canberra


"Simone is a motivational and highly knowledgeable coach and business partner who keeps up with the times and is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Simone to anyone who is seeking professional advice, guidance and inspiration to help them with human resources issues and workplace concerns.”

-- Kaye Butler, Director HR, Fair Work Commission


"I had the pleasure of placing Simone in two separate roles during my time as a specialist HR recruiter at Hays.  Both of these roles proved challenging, with complex environments, difficult cultures, workforce issues and uncertainty amid political reform and change.  Simone was successful in both of these roles due to her resilience, strong strategic HR knowledge, desire to see improvement on individual and organisational levels, and almost sheer stubbornness to get the job done, in spite of the aforementioned challenges.  Simone is a highly respected and successful HR practitioner."

-- Andrew Marshall, HR Business Partner, Jacobs


"Simone has a wealth of experience as a HR professional which has resulted in great communication and engagement skills. I found that Simone really actively listened to me which is a very much underrated skill.

After completing the motivational maps questionnaire I met with Simone to talk about the results, even though I am pretty self aware I still took away some great insights into my own motivation and why I don't gel with some people.

I think that the motivational maps work that Simone is doing would be really insightful for team working including management and exec teams, as it provides insight into how you can create win:win solutions."

-- Sonia Lynch, Human Resources Manager, Bradley Allen Love Lawyers


"I would like to say a big thank you to Simone at Citron Consulting. I had decided to apply for a new job - one that I knew would be my perfect fit, but I just couldn't find the right words. Simone was able to identify my strengths and skills and empower me with the language I needed. I didn't realise how much stronger my application could be and how amazing I could sound until Simone stepped in. Not only did she help strengthen my application, but she built up my confidence. Simone was easy to talk to, quick to understand me and highly efficient."

-- Juliette Lumbers, Career Advisor, ANU


"I worked with Simone when she was the HR Partner at Comcare. Simone supported me as the Deputy CEO by providing advice in all aspects of HR. Simone has personal attributes that make her easy to work with - high energy, good humour, positive approach and friendliness.

In her professional capacity, Simone is experienced, up to date with HR practice and information, but most importantly works to achieve practical and timely outcomes which are fair to all parties."

-- Cathy Skippington, Deputy CEO Comcare (Former)

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