Digital detox: 4 ways to break away

woman_with_suitcaseYou are constantly busy at work which is great for business success but what about when you need some well-earned rest. How do you disengage? Here are four ways have a break.

  1. Set up an out-of-office message

Try to put enough detail into your out of office message so that it redirects people to a colleague or puts them into a holding pattern until you return from leave. Include the full dates of when you leave and when you return. Sometimes people also put in a comment that they will not be checking their emails so that it sets expectations.

  1. Inform everyone about your no contact plans

Set everyone’s expectations that you are going to be on leave and will not be contactable via mobile, email or any other means.

  1. Provide travel details only for emergency contact

You want to let people at work to know generally where you are going but only provide the full details like the accommodation you are staying at only to your close family and friends. This makes it more likely you will have a peaceful and uninterrupted break.

  1. When you want to check in – check out instead

Use the accommodation Wi-Fi to watch a movie or relax. When you feel the urge to just check in and see what’s going on resist it. Go for a walk outside or have a drink by the pool. It takes a few days to really disengage, don’t ruin the relaxation by engaging in something that can be handled by your work colleagues.

Simone Ey

About Simone Ey

Simone Ey is the Managing Director at Citron Consulting and possesses over 20 years of human resources, organizational development and education experience. Simone’s expertise includes HR strategy including workforce optimisation, change management, organisational development, capability development, performance management and leadership coaching. Simone holds a Diploma of Business, Bachelor of Business degree in Human Resources and Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Education. Simone is a Certified Professional member of the Australian Institute of Human Resources.

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