Get a Mini MBA

Looking to study but it’s all too hard, too expensive and takes time away from running your business?

Need to invest in training your employees but everything you have looked at hasn’t given a good return on your investment?

We have the solution …

We can offer you and your employees the MAUS Mini MBA program. This provides you with a comprehensive range of tools created to assist you in succeeding in today’s challenging business environment.

This nationally recognised training program is offered online through the registered training organisation MAUS Institute of Education and Training (MIET).

The course is completed online using the cloud based MAUS Hub, allowing you to produce relevant data for your business as you progress throughout the MINI MBA program.

Once you have progressed through the MINI MBA course, you will have a complete set of business systems in place, entirely tailored to your needs.

Graduate with a Diploma of Business

9 Comprehensive Modules:

  • Business Strategies
  • Risk Analysis
  • Profit Strategies
  • Customer Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Employee Strategies
  • Sales Strategies
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Exit & Succession Planning

Key Features of MAUS Mini MBA:

  • Lesson plan slides of each lesson that can be individually reviewed.
  • Videos as training sessions to help add extra educational instruction to each subject.
  • Reference Material such as detailed articles, papers, calculators, templates and discussion notes are included to cover each subject area.
  • Multiple Choice Quiz to test your learning.
  • Practical Assignment for you to develop a set of strategic tools. You complete this based on real company data and use to audit and review the business.

How can the program be used?

There are four major ways the program can be used:

  1. Management resource

Business owners or managers can use the program to help build and grow their business. The templates can be used as diagnostics and analytical worksheets to help improve profit, manage staff more effectively, provide improved customer service, think innovatively, become aware of risk, conduct more effective marketing activities and plan for exit and succession.

  1. Course credits

Be awarded a Diploma of Business and then use as credit towards your next training – a nationally accredited BSB51107 Diploma of Management.

  1. In-house training

The program is a great tool for employees. Each of the modules can be used for separate employee training or to conduct brainstorming sessions.

  1. Resource for MBA, management and marketing students

This is a comprehensive set of resources. It may be used to complement most other management and marketing courses. The lesson plans, guides and slides are excellent summaries of key learning topics in each area.

Excel in business and understand the fundamentals of people, performance, marketing, strategy and finance.


Early Bird 2017 enrollments

Was $2500   Now only $1500

Simone Ey

About Simone Ey

Simone Ey is the Managing Director at Citron Consulting and possesses over 20 years of human resources, organizational development and education experience. Simone’s expertise includes HR strategy including workforce optimisation, change management, organisational development, capability development, performance management and leadership coaching. Simone holds a Diploma of Business, Bachelor of Business degree in Human Resources and Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Education. Simone is a Certified Professional member of the Australian Institute of Human Resources.

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