Healthy workplaces for 2017

We all have New Year resolutions to start being more active and healthy.

Often though it doesn’t take long for people to return to their old ways.
What if employers could support their employees to strive for healthy initiatives?

What can I do?

There are several programs that provide support to employers to implement healthy workplace initiatives.
Healthy workplace programs assist workplaces to develop and implement programs, policies and practices that lead to healthier workplaces and ongoing employee healthy lifestyle changes in relation to:

  • being active
  • healthy eating
  • smoking reduction/cessation
  • reduced alcohol use
  • social and emotional well being

Why invest?

It makes good business sense for employers to invest in the health and well being of their workers. The business advantages of having a Health and Well being program are many and varied, including:

  • increased productivity and better decision making
  • reduced sick leave, absenteeism and long-term health problems
  • reduced worker turnover
  • increased ability to attract and retain new employees
  • improved corporate citizenship and image
  • reduced risk of accidents and health-related worker compensation claims

Get Started! Being healthier is an investment not a cost.

Businesses that actively promote good work life balance attract and retain top talent because they are great places to work.

Research by Beyond Blue found that nearly half of Australian employees say a healthy workplace is important when looking for a job, being second only to pay in terms of retaining staff. Organisations of all sizes will benefit if they create a healthy environment.

Whether you’re a major corporation with thousands of employees or a self-run business with just 10 staff, you can create an affordable workplace solution to create a healthy workplace and make a difference. It also can be used to act as a support tool for staff as organizations undergoing workplace change.

Ask us how we can help you to develop and implement a fun and effective approach to a healthy workplace.


Simone Ey

About Simone Ey

Simone Ey is the Managing Director at Citron Consulting and possesses over 20 years of human resources, organizational development and education experience. Simone’s expertise includes HR strategy including workforce optimisation, change management, organisational development, capability development, performance management and leadership coaching. Simone holds a Diploma of Business, Bachelor of Business degree in Human Resources and Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Education. Simone is a Certified Professional member of the Australian Institute of Human Resources.

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