Looking after your employees mental health

What is a mentally healthy workplace?

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Promoting mental health in the workplace benefits everyone; employees, managers, business owners and organisational leaders. Everyone has a role to play, both in looking after their own mental health and creating a mentally healthy workplace.While the places we work come in all shapes and sizes, mentally healthy working environments generally have a few things in common.

  • Positive workplace culture. Put simply, they’re places where people feel good about coming to work, and everyone’s encouraged and supported.
  • Stress and other risks to mental health are managed. Stress, heavy workloads, unrealistic deadlines, poor communication, uncertainty – these and other factors can all contribute to anxiety and depression, and it’s up to managers and leaders to keep them in check.
  • People with mental health conditions are supported. Helping employees to stay at or return to work has clear benefits, both for the individual and the business.
  • Zero-tolerance approach to discrimination. As well as being a legal requirement, protecting employees from discrimination encourages a diverse workforce and ensures everyone gets a fair go.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace isn’t as difficult as you might think. Ask us how we can help you to create strategies and programs to support your staff.

Simone Ey

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Simone Ey is the Managing Director at Citron Consulting and possesses over 20 years of human resources, organizational development and education experience. Simone’s expertise includes HR strategy including workforce optimisation, change management, organisational development, capability development, performance management and leadership coaching. Simone holds a Diploma of Business, Bachelor of Business degree in Human Resources and Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Education. Simone is a Certified Professional member of the Australian Institute of Human Resources.

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